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Happy Birthday, Elf! Wherever you are. o_O

Many happy returns of the day!

It's Dot's B-day!

Many happy returns of the day, dot_o_choillmor !

What do I know?

There are two sorts of movies that get me going. One is the movie you watch, no matter when you find it or how many times you've seen it. For me, this would be something like "The Big Sleep." Then there's the movie you can't watch because of the effect it has. I can't watch "Awakenings" any more. To see DeNiro go through that ending again is just too emotionally draining.

Where the heck is Elf?

Many happy returns of the day. Wherever you are.

Happy Birthday!

There be dragons.

Something bad almost happened to someone I love. Tragedy averted. I'm walking on air.

Apr. 10th, 2013

Finished off the tax returns this evening. I feel about two inches taller. Lordy that was a heavy weight, and one that I'm not happy about. I have zero confidence in the clowns who are the so-called stewards of my hard-earned money. Bastards.

The Internet, You Don't Want to Live There

After reading some of the vile comments in regard to the passing of Maggie Thatcher, I feel like I just drove through a neighborhood full of people I don't want to know.
How I came to have the nickname Crash, short for Mr. Crash Happy.
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My publisher appreciates me.

My story made the cover of an anthology. I'm surprised and chuffed, but it is a good story. ;)



And, no, I'm not obsessed with The Morrigan. At least, that's what she told me to say.

Silly. Just silly.

Last night, when I returned home from the grocer’s, a small herd of deer had gathered across the street in the rushes around the flood basin. All I saw were does. I stood on the opposite curb and suggested that they’d be safer away from the road. They watched me with prick-eared interest and then shyly retired in the direction from which they’d come. This was a mere hundred feet from my door.

The neighborhood isn’t exactly the country, but we’re surrounded by heavily-forested, undeveloped tracts of land. Wildlife of all kinds come around. I’ve seen beavers, woodchucks, foxes, hawks, buzzards, raccoons, and skunks. However, deer are all over.

I hate Bambi and his miserable ilk. They’re the worst possible combination of size, curiosity, and stupidity. Why did the deer cross the road? To get to the other side and your Aunt Fannie’s vegetable patch. On the way, it stopped dead in its tracks, right in front of Crash and The Morrigan as we were zipping around on twisty little roads, committing misdemeanor hooliganism.

Bambi is oblivious to the danger of speeding vehicles and doesn’t always react to the blast of a warning horn. I’ve taken to yelling at them. Roaring like a crazy person (don't say it). This tends to be effective. At least most of the trees are bare and I can see them coming at a good distance.

I’ve never hunted deer in my life. You think they’d return the favor.

Snow started falling a little while ago. It made me think of how clean and beautiful the world appears under a blanket of pristine whiteness. Snow keeps The Morrigan and me off the road, so you know where this is going.

Sometimes I consider moving farther south. Maybe Costa Rica. Do they have deer?

Now that I have that out of my system,


Dec. 18th, 2012

If I told you it was on fire when I got here, would you believe me?
Noir. The Maidens with Black Hands. The Daughters of Corsica and Japan.

I love this anime. There are several wonderful pieces in the soundtrack. This one always gets me. "Liar you lie!"

Stay tuned for the advent of the Outlaw Girls...


I found a home for Never!

After years of frustration with the usual route of querying agents, who nibbled but didn't bite, I chose to go another way. It's indy, not vanity, and Artema is run very professionally. No fees and plenty of support. I even have a publisher-provided author's web site at http://crashfroelich.weebly.com/. (You can't believe how tickled I am to be able to write that.) If you follow the hard-cover link, the Lulu site has a nice preview dialog.

Also, I'm having a Facebook event, next Saturday: http://www.facebook.com/events/315171318593962/.

Apologies for abusing my friends' bandwidth to toot my own horn, but it's a bit like a birth announcement. Except the pregnancy lasted two years and all that came out was my hair. Well, a book, too.

Dec. 6th, 2012

Had the typical day at work. We're going nuts trying to keep up with the customer's demands. I've been recruited to retro-engineer test process into the development effort. I'm making new friends enemies every day. So I get home and putter around for a while and then go out to YouTube and watch a bunch of Foster Brooks segments of Dean Martin roasts. Nothing cheers me up more quickly. I recommend them. POI: Brooks is Martin's uncle. Watching Dino's reactions to Brooks is almost as funny as the joke-making. Is that wrong?
Sometimes, whistling helps. This song used to cheer me up after I broke my leg.

Borders, In Memoriam

There are some things heard in a brick and mortar bookseller that won't be spoken anywhere else. Allegedly, these requests are the real deal. If not, I blame my source.

Can you tell me who wrote Shakespeare?

I'm looking for a book but I only know the title, not the author. it's called "Dante's Inferno."

I definitely don't want non-fiction. I read only autobiographies and history.

Do you have Shakespeare in English?

Your Honor, I rest on your face.